More than 100 Interpreter Glossaries Added


glossaries103 interpreter glossaries, compiled and kindly offered by Róbert Gulyás, staff interpreter at the European Parliament, have been added to our search tool Glossary Links. The lists are based on EP translations, and should allow translators and interpreters to have easy and quick access to key terms in several topics, such as asylum and migration, fish species or the European Semester and many more. The language pairs include mainly English, Hungarian, German, French and occasionally some other languages.

The lists focus on problem terms, and according to the specificity of the subject matter they contain from a few dozen term pairs up to a few hundred term pairs, each. For practical reasons, terms in this case are meant to be lexical units composed of 1 to 4-5 words that occur frequently in official EU documents and debates, and the immediate translation of which might pose a problem.

All 159 glossaries prepared or collected by this EP interpreter are freely available on the Quizlet Site, and they also include flash cards that can be used for practising interpreting skills or EU knowledge.

Compiled by Oscar Larsson

Student at University of Glasgow, School of Social & Political Sciences Communication

Trainee at TermCoord