Jost Zetzsche in TermCoord’s workshop: “No one creates more language than a translator”



So what about seeing ourselves – translators – not only as writers, communicators, intermediaries, philologists etc., but also as technology experts? Wouldn’t that change profoundly our approach to our work for the better? This is what our inspiring speaker, Jost Zetzsche, suggested yesterday in his presentation about “The professional translator and terminology in 2014”. Technological developments, especially the way they come and go today, at such a speed that it’s often hard to follow, may leave many people unconvinced or even resistant, which is an understandable reaction. The field of translation and terminology is no exception. However, embracing technology as an indispensable part of our profession could be invaluable for our work and efficiency as well as quality.

We know, there is an overwhelming amount of information, tools and resources out there. That’s why it can be so helpful to hear some selected tips and tricks from someone who has dedicated a lot of time to find out what works best. The next step is to go and try out yourself what could really help you in your work. Even if you never use some of the tools and tricks presented, knowing about their existence can influence your way of work and you’ll be updated about the current trends in technology related to translation and terminology.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend, check the workshop page on our website.

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