20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes – University of Vienna


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From the 8th to the 10th July 2015, the University of Vienna hosted the 20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes with as subject  multilingual and specialist communication: Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age. Rodolfo Maslias participated in the symposium on behalf of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament with a presentation focusing  on the integration of IATE’s terminology in the CAT tools through text-related term bases.

TermCoord’s Head of Unit also presented the methodology used to prepare terminology before the legislative texts arrive for translation, the so-called proactive terminology. Finally he talked about the possibility offered by TermCoord to university departments to work on terminology projects according to the rules of IATE, using the template of the internal interactive European database and allowing their students to work on terminology as if they were translators in one of the EU Institutions.

TermCoord was also invited  by the Language Technology Observatory to participate in a three hours’ round table discussion, and stressed the necessity of using the possibilities for interlinking  terminology resources and transform them in an easy-to-use unique resource.

The participation in this huge symposium with 150 speakers has been a very important networking opportunity for TermCoord to be actively involved in the efforts to include terminology in the fast-paced world of linguistic tools as well as to take advantage of all the possibilities offered today for sharing interlinking resources among all important terminology producers in institutions and organizations, academy and industry.

In the booklet of the Symposium you can read all the abstracts.

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