The IATE project on migration at University of Luxembourg by Prof. Loupaki



Professor Elpida Loupaki from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was invited on the 17th November by the Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts of the University of Luxembourg to present the project that she has made with her postgraduate students in cooperation with TermCoord on the terminology of Migration.

These projects done with several universities are bilingual and the students use a template of the European Terminology Database IATE. Before the result is entered into the database and published in Public IATE, it needs to be validated by the Terminologists of the respective language in the European Parliament, and in the meantime they are published on

In her presentation, Prof. Elpida Loupaki presented, as she does in several Universities and international terminology conferences, the cooperation methodology with TermCoord as well as the database IATE.

The presentation was followed by a long and very interesting discussion focused also on many wider linguistic aspects as the descriptive and the prescriptive poster migrationapproach of language on the example of the terminology management among European Union Institutions and national public administrations and universities.

The members of TermCoord and of the Translation Units of the Euroepan Parliament present, stressed the very high quality of this project done in collaboration with national experts in the field of migration terminology.

Find the full presentation here.


Rodolfo Maslias
Head of Unit TermCoord