New features and updates for IATE


IATE has been recently upgraded with many useful new features implemented by the IATE Support & Development team. Here is a list of all new functionalities:

Public IATE

New full TBX export from 16 December 2015:

  • A new version of the TBXtract was uploaded. It includes some little enhancements, like removing some bad XML characters and also the progress bar is now showing percentage of advancement while processing the file.
  • The feedback functionality had been enhanced. In order to solve some issues faced recently with the same feedback sent several times by the same user, a Captcha has been put in place to avoid getting feedback by robots.

maria pia article

Previous enhancement:

IATE Can Now Be Downloaded

IATE, the EU’s living terminology database, can now be downloaded for specific needs. Some of the data contained in IATE will be easily accessible following a short download. The file contains about 8 million terms in all the 24 official EU languages, and will be provided in TermBase eXchange (TBX) format.

Good news for all IATE users!

When you get a search result in IATE you can click the link ‘Full entry’ to display all the information for all languages on one page. Links to cross-referenced IATE entries (such as related concepts, broader concepts and antonyms) are now displayed on this page. And to save time, when you scroll your mouse over the links, a tool tip displays the term(s) in question.

Using IATE just got easier!

Technical changes are afoot in the IATE public interface, making the inter-institutional terminology database easier to use than ever. One new feature is the implementation of autofill in the search bar – making it faster and easier than ever to search IATE. After typing three letters, IATE Public does a “pre-search” of the database and proposes suggestions in a drop-down list.