Video Fix: Terminology on YouTube


terminology on youtubeHave you ever been curious enough to type terminology on You Tube? I was recently, and I found a lot of interesting terminology related video blogs (vlogs). Most of them are video glossaries with terms used in different fields, some are funny and others are very informative.

Let’s start with a field which is a favourite among our readers, literary terminology. Of course we all know what an oxymoron is, or a sibilance, but what about pathetic fallacy. Do you know what that is? You will find the answer if you watch the following video.

Another interesting video is the one about financial terms, the jargon used on Wall Street. The glossary contains more expressions than terms, but the explanation for each one is thought-provoking and you will find out more about working in the financial world. We all know “buy low, sell high“, but do you know what “the trend is your friend” means?

There are also funny topics, such as nail art related terminology. In that video you can find what the definition of a side wall is. Also, if swords are your passion, then you already know what a side sword is, but if you are just curious about sword terminology then click here. You can find out what a kicker is if you click on the video about poker terminology or a candela if you are curious about lighting terminology.

If you hope to be a flight attendant, you need to know what a senior mama is or what RAP stands for. You will find all the flight attendant related terminology if you watch the following video:

There are many terminology related videos on You Tube and I created a list with the ones that looked interesting.

If I incited your curiosity and you do find terminology related videos on You Tube please leave a comment.

Written by Raluca Caranfil
Communication Trainee at TermCoord
Journalist & Student at the University of Luxembourg