The terminological responsibility of the translator – workshop by Henrik Nilsson

September 22, 2016 9:06 am

Henrik Nilsson, from the Swedish Centre for Terminology, president of EAFT, held a workshop on the terminological responsibility of translators.

Henrik Nilsson

Henrik Nilsson

On the 19th of September the Terminology Coordination Unit was graced with the presence of a special guest. Henrik Nilsson, from the Swedish Centre for Terminology, currently president of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT), held a workshop on the terminological responsibility of translators in EU context.

During his workshop, held within the premises of the Schuman Building at the European Parliament, Nilsson analysed the key terms of terminology theory, including the term, the conceptual system, terminology work, and term creation.

Particular focus was given to the special set of conditions characterising the profile of the translators as terminologists in the EU context, as well as the responsibilities behind the decision-making points and factors in the translation process arising from the EU context.

Nilsson also provided an overall overview of terminology networks in Europe, the most important termbases at national level, and latest trends and application scenarios of terminology, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Linked Open Data (LOD).

The workshop was an occasion for many EU officials to brush up on their knowledge of terminology, as well as a special comprehensive lesson on terminology for trainees that also attended the workshop.

Among the many interesting resources that have been mentioned by Nilsson during his workshop, I would like to mention the CBRNE Glossary. You can also access the presentation.

EAFT, the European Association for Terminology, in collaboration with TermCoord, is organizing the Eighth European Terminology Summit in Luxembourg on 14–15 November 2016. Registration is open until the end of October. Visit the EAFT 2016 Summit page on our website, read more about it in an article, and visit the Facebook page of the event.


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