Translating for Europe Forum 2017


This Year’s Translating for Europe Forum, organised by the European Commission in Brussels on the 6th and 7th November, focused on translators’ skills and employability.Banner Termcoord presents

Under the topic “New Profiles for New Markets”, Rodolfo Maslias presented the new profile of the terminologist, who nowadays needs to cover not only linguistic but also communication and technical skills in order to adapt to the huge challenge of gathering, selecting and connecting the accurate terminology with all kinds of new tools assisting and automating translation.

The initiative of TermCoord to compile a new terminologist profile for the European Institutions is based on the fact that more than 150 colleagues in the different EU Institutions and Agencies are working as full-time terminologists and it serves as a follow-up to the European Terminology Summit that DG TRAD hosted in the European Parliament in 2016, one of its main topics having been the “Terminologist of the 21st Century” presented by Professors Georgeta Ciobanu and Donatella Pulitano.


Access the presentation at the Translation for Europe Forum 2017 here.