Video Fix: The life of a polyglot…always travelling but is never a foreigner


How beautiful is it to visit a new country and still feel at home because you know the language and can easily communicate with the locals!

Video Fix The life of a Polyglot

This is the story of polyglot Alex Rawlings that knows how to speak in 15 different languages. In this week’s video fix, we look at the benefits of knowing different languages and how this, eventually provides you with a different perspective of the world.

Alex Rawlings describes how thanks to this he can see the world from a different point of view according to the country he is visiting, and he even goes as far as saying that knowing the language of the other country actually make him feel like “the whole world is your home.”

In this video, Rawlings also explains how this knowledge helps him feel like he belongs in a country, and is never a foreigner.

This video was originally produced as part of the Explore Your World Through Language campaign.


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Written by Veronica Lynn Mizzi : Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg). Graduate in the Maltese Language and Communication, and Master’s graduate in Translation and Terminology Studies from the University of Malta. Former journalist