Video Fix: Who invented words?


Juliet asked Romeo, “What does a noun matter? What we call a rose would smell as sweet even with any other name”. Why does the colour “rose” have the name of a plant? Each language has a different word for everything.

This video aims to describe, in a funny manner, the evolution of language starting from the Tower of Babel and analysing various theories about the origin of the alphabet and speech. Including genetic theories, such as the ones described by linguist Noam Chomsky, and the gestural theories. Check it out!

Written by Víctor Mir – Robert Schuman Communications’ Trainee at TermCoord. Víctor, who hails from Spain, studied in a German School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, a University-specific degree in Linguistic Mediation and a Master’s degree in Edition, Production and New Journalistic Technologies