Video-Fix Proto-Indo-European, Ep.1: The Indo-European connection

September 1, 2019 1:08 pm



Have you ever noticed that radically divergent languages, even belonging to different language families, still share plenty of similarities which cannot be regarded as random?

The reason is pretty simple: all those languages belong to another “meta-family”. The Indo-European language group is the meta-family including the Celtic, Romance, Germanic, Baltic, Slavic. Hellenic, Indo-Iranian, and some other minor language family, covering a geographic area extending from Portugal to India, from Malta to Iceland.

I consider the following video an ideal introduction to this fascinating topic, which we will continue exploring during this month.



Bonus Video


Selected and introduced by Cosimo Palma

I studied philosophy, historical philosophy, philosophical history and history in the redundant Naples, computational linguistics and informatics in the city of Marx.
Language enthusiast and chess player in the free time, until the end of August I will spend my busy time in the Tower A of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, trying to do my best in the communication as well as in the operational department of the Terminology unit.

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