Video-Fix Proto-Indo-European, Ep.3: Ancient hunters and rock ‘n roll

September 15, 2019 10:08 am

The process of revitalization has concerned the PIE language to an extreme extent. Being excluded, for obvious reasons, that this language will be spoken again (if ever it was spoken, if ever our reconstruction could be regarded as faithful…), bridging PIE to the fiction (first video) or to the rock music (second one) is therefore considered disruptive and artistic, even nerdy and ironic.  The following reconstruction of a conversation between two hunters in PIE is worthy to be hosted in a history museum.



Dhinas meth toghv ghasti seis is the title of this song in PIE. The band Jagh did really a great job, because it is also very catchy!

On these notes we conclude our column on Proto-Indo-European, with the hope having taught and delighted you.

Eiktum oinos chaisos dyēus!! (Have a nice day!!)




Selected and introduced by Cosimo Palma

I studied philosophy, historical philosophy, philosophical history and history in the redundant Naples, computational linguistics and informatics in the city of Marx.
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