Video-Fix: Nobel Prize Laureate Lectures

December 15, 2019 9:30 am

Video-Fix Nobel Prize Laureate LecturesWith the conclusion of our Nobel Prize Ceremony Countdown, we would like to take a last look at this year’s laureates. Throughout the Nobel Week, the week leading up to the Nobel Prize Ceremony, the laureate participated in multiple activities and events. One of the activities was for the laureates to present a lecture on their scientific or thematic field. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Abiy Ahmed Ali presented his lecture at his Nobel Prize Ceremony.

Each laureate showcased their findings and opinions with specific details and in-depth analysis. One of the 2019 Nobel Prize laureates in Physics, Didier Queloz, presented for instance a very detailed lecture on how he and another 2019 Nobel laureate, Michel Mayor, figured out that exoplanets exist. Didier went through the method of finding exoplanets using Doppler spectroscopy in his lecture. He explained the procedure of this technique through the use of a telescope. He also described in his lecture how we can figure out the atmosphere and mass of the exoplanets we find using light. So if you are interested in physics or the universe in general, we highly recommend watching this lecture.

You can find all the Nobel Lectures from this year’s laureates below.

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