Modernising the EU’s IATE Terminological Database

IATE 2 paper feature

In parallel with the redevelopment of IATE to IATE 2, Paula Zorrilla-Agut, IATE Tool Manager, and Thierry Fontenelle, former head of the Translation Department at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU and former IATE Tool Manager, wrote a paper on the process and the technology behind the terminology database.

The paper, which is entitled Modernising the EU’s IATE terminological database to respond to the challenges of today’s translation world and beyond, was published in Terminology – International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Issues in Specialized Communication Volume 25, Issue 2, November 2019 on pages 146 – 174.

In the paper, you can hear about the challenges Zorilla-Agut and Fontenelle faced. They show the strategies that had to be implemented for the integration of IATE data into third-party CAT tools. You can find the paper on the redevelopment of IATE here.


The redevelopment of the European Union’s interinstitutional terminology database IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) has been an opportunity to rethink the technologies, architecture and data structure of the system in order to prepare it for future challenges, including interoperability, modularity, scalability and data exchange, among other things. This article describes which strategies are being put in place to allow IATE data – one of the largest multilingual terminology databases in the world – to be consumed by third-party tools, particularly computer-assisted translation environments (CATEs). The modernisation of the application, aligning it with the latest software and systems engineering standards and technologies for the benefit of all users and for improved data management by EU linguists, is also described.

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