Circular Economy in the EU: a Terminographic Investigation

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Circular economy aims to move from linear economy by increasing the efficiency in product economy and limiting the environmental impact and resource wasting during production. Its development is highly encouraged due to the latest warnings about increasing waste pollution and the ever lower quantity of resources available naturally.

Back in 2015, The European Commission launched a first Circular Economy Action Plan, followed by a new Circular Economy Action Plan adopted this year. Among all measures, the new plan aims to make sustainable products a norm in the European Union, reduce waste, empower consumers and public buyers, and make changes in sectors that use most resources like packaging, plastics, food, water and electronics.

Elena Tanzarella, a student at the University of Trieste, for her Master thesis conducted a terminographic analysis in three languages to study circular economy terminology in the European Union. In Italian, Spanish and French, she explored different morphosyntax and grammar principles, lexica, phraseology, definitions, context, related words, equivalences, synonyms and variants. You can read the whole thesis on the following link.

This comprehensive thesis is just one of the numerous theses that have been developed by young professionals around the world. For more similar papers on terminology visit our Theses and Papers page.



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