Video-Fix: Glossary of Ecological Terms

Glossary of Ecological Terms

You probably won’t be surprised when we tell you how much we adore glossaries, right? A statement that might surprise you though is that thematic lists of words terminologists create are important not only for other language professionals. If you did not think that you can put various subject-specific vocabularies to good use in everyday circumstances, today’s Video-Fix will surely bring you one step closer to changing your mind. And maybe even to falling in love with glossaries, who knows?

How often do you talk to your friends and family members about the environment? Do you learn about global warming and try to understand the reasons behind the climate crisis together? We can’t help but notice that ecological awareness has never been as important as it is today. Raising it in our communities should be a mission we all contribute to on a daily basis. However, to be able to discuss complex topics, we must first feel comfortable using basic terms. This is how we understand the idea behind this educational video by Waterpedia.

Ecosystem, habitat, species. The words included in the Glossary of Ecological Terms are not that unusual or new, are they? While watching the video, you will probably notice that they ring a bell. Waterpedia is taking us back in time and inviting for a biology lesson. Even if you didn’t enjoy them back in school, today you surely know that language precision and accuracy are crucial in conversations about the state of our planet. We definitely know it as terminology is our niche!

By Magdalena Sikorska, Schuman Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit.