Online Conference for the University of Padova

Uni Padova Presentation

On November 20th, the conference titled “Terminologia al Parlamento Europeo e la collaborazione con l’Università di Padova” (Terminology at the European Parliament and the cooperation with the University of Padua) took place online. The event involved around 130 participants including students, translation agencies, researchers and Italian organizations.  

The Head of the Terminology Coordination Unit, Rodolfo Maslias, introduced the role of multilingualism at the European Parliament, with a focus on the terminological work, and highlighted the ongoing collaboration and projects with the University of Padua. In particular, this cooperation includes the Terminology without Borders projects MED and FEM, with the term extraction and completion of terminological tables by students, and the standardization of glossaries by the University coordinators Giorgio di Nunzio and Federica Vezzani. TermCoord and the University of Padua are also working on the EXAMODE initiative regarding the organization of medical data.