New paper: Terminology Project on music-specific disorders


In this paper, six students from the BA in Translation and Interpreting of the Universidad of Salamanca (Spain) present a terminology project in Spanish and French on music-specific disorders, within the field of neurology. 

The project was started from scratch: they chose the articles and documents for the corpora and then proceeded with the terminology extraction. As a result, 33 terms were collected in Spanish and 26 in French, for which complete terminology entries were compiled. In their paper, the six students also include two conceptual maps (one for the Spanish terms and another for the French terms), a bilingual glossary and specific annexes.


Written by Irene Arto Escuredo, Schuman Terminology Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit (DG TRAD). She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting by the University of Salamanca (Spain) and is currently carrying out a Master’s degree in Institutional Translation.