Interinstitutional Style Guide


Authors: European Union

Originally published in 1997 in 11 languages, then extended to 23, this guide now represents an achievement in linguistic harmonisation unique in its field. It is intended to serve as a reference tool for written works for all European Union institutions, bodies and organisations.

The effort of harmonising sometimes divergent practices is carried out taking into account the multilingual perspective of the institutions, which requires texts in all official languages to be comparable while retaining the specific character of each language.

Part One assembles the rules for strict application in editing the acts published in the Official Journal while Part Two gives the main technical and editorial norms for general publications. As well as being in agreement with the individual language rules indicated in Part Four, the 23 groups have concluded unique working conventions for all languages; these are indicated in Part Three of the guide, which serves as a base providing for augmentation of the harmonisation process between all languages and all institutions

The uniform conventions retained in the guide prevail over any other solution proposed elsewhere or used previously; they must be applied at all stages of the written work.

(Available in the 23 languages of the EU)