Top Ten of Glossaries of Month


glossarylinksThis article collects the most interesting glossaries and dictionaries that have been published over the last month. Here you have a list with the most important terms in different fields, in order to provide you useful information on terminology, linguistics, translation and multilinguism. Have a look at this resource and simply select the one which you are interested in:

1. Glossary for the cinemaniacs. Real meanings behind the “focus-related” terms used in the film industry.

2. Dictionary of Vision. Dictionary for terminology used in the study of human and animal vision. It includes terms from the areas of biological and machine vision, visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience and other related fields.

3. Terrorism Glossary. Terms discussed here include people, places, agencies, technology, jargon and ‘clichés’ used. The glossary is organized by topics: terrorism, war, geopolitics, religion, homeland security, disaster recovery and miscellaneous.

4. Glossary of Banking Terms and Definitions. This resource presents useful information that might help resolve doubts and confusing ideas about technical terminology associated with banking and finance.

5. Glossary of election terms. Here is a guide to some of the key terms in this field.

6. Glossary of Library and Information Science: Dictionary of terms and acronyms of librarianship, library science, information science, and information technology.

7. Social Security Glossary.

8. General Chemistry Glossary.

9. Glossary of linguistic terms.

10. Telecom Terms and Acronyms. Here is a short list of terms and acronyms that are essential in today’s telecom and techno world.

Every month we will propose you a list with the most relevant glossaries.

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By Lidia Capitan Zamora. Journalist, web editor and social media expert.

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