TOTh workshop 2015: an overview


Mungkhtsegseg Namsrai, a Mongolian terminologist during her presentation at TOTh workshop 2015

On Thursday, the 3rd December a group of terminologists gathered in sunny Luxembourg to attend the Terminology and Ontology, Theories and applications (TOTh) Workshop.

The one-day event, hosted for the first time by the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament, focused its attention on Terminology and Standards.

After a brief welcome by Christophe Roche and TermCoord’s Head of Unit, Rodolfo Maslias, the programme started with a presentation by Kara Warburton, who came all the way from Hong Kong to talk about ‘Re-modelling the ISO TC 37 Data Category Registry’. But Ms Warburton wasn’t the only participant to come from another continent. Also present were, in fact, a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and Mungkhtsegseg Namsrai, a Mongolian terminologist from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, who endured an 18-hour flight to come and give her contribution to the Workshop, with a presentation on ‘Today’s situation of Mongolian terminology standardization’.

Christophe Roche, international scientific committee of the TOTh Conferences during his presentation at TOTh workshop 2015

Yet, Mongolian terminology was not the only one on the table, as Sandra Cuadrado presented an overview of the work that the ‘Terminology Committees in the Catalan context’ are currently carrying out.

Among the speakers was also Francesco Rossi, who presented ‘Towards a semantically interoperable IATE’, a joint effort together with Daniela Vellutino and Rodolfo Maslias about Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE), the termbase

managed by the European institutions.

Finally, it were the ISO standards that stole the show, as they were put under the spotlight with presentations by Christophe Roche, Rute Costa and Dardo De Vecchi, who spoke about ‘ISO 704 and ISO 1087’,

and Marc Van Campenhoudt, whose attention focused on ‘ISO 16 642 and 12 620’. One presentation about ‘Term formation in ISO Standards’, which was included in the agenda could not take place because the speaker, Mr Dias Vasquez, was not able to attend.

After the closing presentation, given by John Hall about ‘Interpreting Regulations and Contracts’, Christophe Roche thanked all the speakers and participants for making this event so interesting and special.

Group photo1

For many of the attendees, however, it was not over yet, as they remained in Luxembourg to enjoy dinner together at the Meliã Hotel, where they were joined by Jochen Richter, Director of the Directorate for Support and Technological Services for Translation of the European Parliament.


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You are free to download all speakers’ presentations of TOTh workshop 2015 in the following links:

Written by Maria Bregolato
Terminology trainee at TermCoord

Photo credits: Ana Escaso Moreno
Trainee at TermCoord
Journalist & Social Media manager