#MondayReading: Terminology in the Changing World of Communication


This week we would like to share with you a special e-book: Terminology in the Changing World of Communication. This #MondayReading suggestion features a selection of articles written by Rodolfo Maslias. This compilation includes content previously published in Termcoord as well as other original language & terminology-related content published elsewhere and now available in this e-book!

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Everybody agrees with the words that Melina Mercouri pronounced in 1985, when she opened as Greek Minister of Culture the first European Capital of Culture: “Culture is the Soul of Europe”. And everybody is conscious of the interaction of language and culture, we even agree that each language is a separate culture and that language is a cultural right. (Maslias 2017:8)

This is the introductory paragraph of the article entitled Save the European linguistic Diversity. The European Union has 24 official languages and, therefore, its institutions are of a multilingual and multicultural nature. Such diverse essence makes the European Parliament and its other fellow institutions a unique space to observe how multilingualism policies unfold and what are the challenges faced when managing terminology and translation at this level. However, the EU institutions also use working languages as common languages and strive to achieve “more efficient communication and action” (Maslias 2017:8). This need for balance raises several questions, such as: can multilingualism and a common language for communication coexist? The issue of multilingualism, together with other topics such as IATE, the translation labour market and terminology management, are some of the many subjects that Rodolfo Maslias tackles in this book. For this reason, readers interested both terminology and translation, but also in the ever-increasing role of technology in the different linguistic fields, will probably find Terminology in the Changing World of Communication as an insightful and engaging reading!

Kindly share with us your views on the issues addressed in this #MondayReading and have a lovely (start of) week!

Book written by Rodolfo Maslias, Head of Terminology Coordination at the European Parliament (Luxembourg).

Post written by Pedro Ramos Translator, Social Media and Content Manager, Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg).