Video-Fix: How kids learn to love reading

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“Why we should all be reading aloud to children” the title of this Ted-X talk by Rebecca Bellingham is more than descriptive of the content of her speech. She is an Instructor in the Literacy Specialist Program at Columbia University Teachers College. Rebecca draws upon her experience and love of theatre to help teachers teach in more effective, powerful, and joyful ways. In addition, watching this video helps parents to become more creative and to increase time well spent with their children. This specific talk explains how kids can be motivated to appreciate reading books.

The speaker promotes the “reading aloud” which helps children to imagine and visualize the story of the book easily. She continues by explaining the process: Little kids, who just started to read, have difficulty on decoding meanings because they have to deal with new vocabulary, syntax and grammar at the same time. Sometimes, they read words without processing the meanings of the text and that makes them feel very uncomfortable with books. The reading aloud can help pupils to become more and more enthusiasts with books and to experience what real reading is all about. That is because when an adult, a big brother, the mother or the grandpa reads the book then the little kid only has to listen carefully, understand the story and visualize it. This process brings children closer to books and helps parents to spent valuable time with their offspring.

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